ToK 12

Week of August 13

Date Agenda Homework
  • Review of ethical perspectives from last year
  • Discussion of ethics in the Natural Sciences
    • Brainstorm specific areas of scientific inquiry raise ethical questions
    • Which of the ethical perspectives that we examined last year would be most useful in sorting out the situations we brainstormed?
    • TWE should science be guided by ethics rather than purely by the pursuit of truth
  • For Thursday - Read the four scenario handouts from the NIH Bioethics project and complete the notes template.


  • Begin Activity on the ethics of genetic testing


Week of August 6

Date Agenda Homework
  • Please meet in A211 by 7:00 AM on Tuesday, August 7
  • Welcome/changes (annotations)/syllabus/groups (no fewer than four no more than 5)
  • Senior year scope and sequence (and Key dates!)
  • IB EE guide
  • EE integration and progress check

Read and annotate Gavin Article - Thursday


For Tuesday, answer the following questions regarding ethics and the natural sciences:

  • What specific areas of scientific inquiry raise ethical questions? List and briefly describe the three areas of inquiry and the ethical concerns that are raised by each.
  • Which of the ethical theories we discused last March is most useful to address each of your three examples? Explain your reasoning.
  • Should scientists be bound by ethical codes or is the only goal of science the pursuit of truth and knowledge? Explain your answer