Mr. Haydock

I have taught at Tracy High School for 19 years. When I am not teaching I enjoy hiking, biking, camping, reading, computers, classical music and (of course) boardgames.

I have two children, Frances (18), and Morgan (16), and have been happily married to my best friend Eileen for the last 21 years.

Links I like

Radio Swiss Classic - Streaming classical music from Switzerland

BoardGameGeek - The premier boardgame site

The New York Times - US daily national newspaper. Editorial stance leans left

The Economist - British weekly news magazine. Editorial stance - moderate/conservative

The New Yorker - US weekly magazine. Editorial stance - leans left.

NPR - US national radio broadcast network, partially publicly funded. Editorial stance - slight tilt left (less so than NYT or the New Yorker)

Ars Technica - Technology news website - Editorial stance - leans geek

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists - Publication of US organization devoted to educating people on existential threats facing humanity. Maintains the Doomsday Clock. Currently 2.5 minutes to Midnight.

War on the Rocks - National Security Blog. Skews establishment.

LawFare - National Security and domestic affairs blog. Editorial stance - leans left/establishment

On the Media - Podcast from WNYC critically examining how the media covers politics and public affairs

Ludology - Podcast about the "why" of gaming with Geoff Englestein and Gil Hova

Election 2018 quicklinks

What is CCL?


My two favorite people on Twitter (August 2018 edition)

1. Matt Tait - @pwnallthethings - Information security researcher

2. Kate Starbird - @katestarbird - Profesor at University of Washington/Researcher of crisis informatics and online rumors.




My three favorite people on Twitter (August 2017 edition)

1. Toomas Hendrik Ilves - @IlvesToomas - Former president of Estonia

2. Andy Slavitt - @ASlavitt - Former director of Medicare/Medicaid

3. Ron Wyden - @RonWyden - US Senator from Oregon


My three favorite board games (August 2016 edition)

1. Caverna - Mining, farming, adventuring and building . . . with Dwarves! Uwe Rosenberg

2. Splendor - Abstract engine builder themed on Gems. Marc Andrade.

3. Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization - Literally the most amazing port of a video game (Civilization) to a card game ever done. Vlaada Chvátil.



My three favorite people on Twitter (August 2016 edition)

1. Toomas Hendrik Ilves - @IlvesToomas - President of Estonia

2. Asma Khalid - @asmamk - NPR politics reporter

3. Anne Applebaum - @anneapplebaum - Author and Washington Post contibutor

Dancing with the stars - Philosophy edition